Drum Rolls at the Temple

March 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

A huge set-up with almost 80 instruments; no guitars or any kind of string instrument, no woodwind instrument and still, the whole crowd awed and absorbed till the last beat of the drum. This was what Delhi experienced recently at ‘Blue Frog’ where the percussion ensemble ‘The Temple of Drum’ entertained the crowd with their repertoire that spans the whole globe.

Published on 26th March, 2013

Published on 26th March, 2013

Multi-percussionist Suchet Malhotra, who brought together this ensemble says, “Although we don’t use any melodic or any woodwind instrument, we still create melody when we perform. Our first two pieces don’t even use any instrument but just our bodies in rhythm that is really good to watch.”

The concert that started with ‘Clapping Music’ led to an act where five strangers meet at a sidewalk and become friends during a vocal percussion session. From there, it transcended into space with a piece called ‘Orbit’, to a desert in Rajasthan with ‘Camel walks the desert’ and to Kashmir during their 90 minute performance.

Kashmir, a poem sung in Farsi and English tells the story of the valley with drumming used to create the environment of change that Kashmir goes through. The piece ends with a verse read simultaneously in both the languages. “There is a scientific fact that if two languages are spoken simultaneously at the same volume, the brain has the tendency to naturally tune into the language that you understand better,” Suchet says.

The crowd was thoroughly engaged as the band interacted with them in an amusing performance that ended in a huge celebration with the Latin American rhythm, Rumba.


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